Okay, Moms, Let's Boycott

Can just anyone coin a phrase? If so, I propose that the term “stay-at-home mom” be abolished and replaced with the phrase “work-at-home mom”. As every mom knows, whether you ‘work’ out of the home or not, you are working all day every day. The term “stay-at-home” implies a lack of initiative and a state of inept laziness. I object.

Motherhood is, at a minimum, an all day job. With young children a mother constantly fears for their safety, teaches them all day about everything – colors, shapes, yes you can, no you can’t, be gentle. Then there are meals, baths, naps, playtime, hugging, holding, going for walks. Sick babies, diapers, walk-in clinics, mysterious rashes, and clingy toddlers will keep one busy all the live long day. …And we haven’t even discussed wife, maid, and friend duties. Laundry, garbage, sweep and mop. Make sure you have coffee with friends sometimes, or they may forget you exist. Then, when the husband comes home, he’ll be hungry for supper and your attentive ear when he tells you about his day.

With older children, emotional and social needs are greater. School bullies, manners, friends, parties, extracurricular activities. Now, titles of chauffer and counselor are added to mom’s job description. Few tasks are ever removed from the description. (except for diapers, bottles and clingy toddlers).

“Stay at home” Ha! That implies some sort of holiday, and motherhood is hardly that. It’s hard work to be everything to everyone while attempting to remain sane. I suggest that we as mothers band together to boycott the phrase “stay-at-home mom”. The next time someone asks you that oh-so-social question, “What do you do?” tell them you’re a ‘work-at-home mom’. They may ask what your job is … to which you can reply, “What isn’t?”

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