a stranger
I long for home
strain to see
beyond cloud veils
I'm trapped
beneath hydro lines
hidden among houses
I'm trapped by my calendar
longing for you

held to grass
by gravity
strain to think
beyond my capacity
strain to wonder
beyond time

a stranger
I long for home
strain to see


The Unknowngnome said...

Hello Kim,

Thank you for visiting. I am scrolling through your past posts on my way back to finding the first post you have made as I like to start at the beginning of things.

As I scroll I am so impressed with the quality of your posts, the revelations of yourself and the true encouragements they give. I will be reading here regularly.
You certainly are fulfilling 1 Thess 5:11.

I had to leave a comment here at this post because of your line "held to grass by gravity" which I like. The poem overall also states our strangeness in this world through which we are passing.

Nice write!

From The Heart Online said...

Hi, Unknowing! Welcome here! Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed your poetry too! :)