God and My Toddler - Opened Doors

I pull his covers over him and lean in for a forehead kiss. After we pray together, he states
 “When you locked the door, I prayed to God”
“What?” I ask with raised eyebrows
“Remember? You were in your office and you locked the door. I walked to my room and prayed to God that you would unlock your door.” I can scarcely contain my excitement. My four year old boy had recognized a problem and reached out to God.
“And then what happened?” I ask.
“And then you opened your door.” 

Praise the Lord for guiding this boy to pray, and answering that prayer. Thank you, Lord that he remembered he can talk to you and ask for your help. I pray this is the beginning of a long life of strong faith! 


V said...

how flippen adorable huh!!!! ask and BELIEVE and u shall receive... if only we were a bit more like kids (and NOT the goat kind lol)!!!!

Faith Imagined said...

That is so awesome! What a precious 4 y/o you have!!!