Wanna Walk Around Naked?

I do.  

… I want to bear it all and be totally free - hopefully you’ll join me!

Wait a minute – you’re not imagining a nudist colony, are you?  Where would you get that crazy idea?! I’m not talking about nudity.  I’m talking about bearing one’s soul!


Anyway …

Not so long ago, the thought of sharing my thoughts terrified me. If, in a group, it would be my turn to talk, my heart would pound furiously, and I’d get so hot I was sure my face was turning tomato red – just like a cartoon. I desperately feared being rejected or being thought a fool, so kept my mouth shut.

These days I can’t keep quiet – I’m dying to bear it all. I’m free to share what I’m going through, and it’s largely due to others who have dared to bear it all. 

They walk around naked, and I like it!

A friend agreed to show me how to play piano. She bumbled across keys, fingers tripping and catching until she found the right key. As she played some song by ear, her fingers would slide around, dancing gleefully in their missteps. That’s allowed? I can bumble around and still call it music? I can mess it up and still call it helping?

A pastor shared in front of the whole congregation that he had punched a fellow hockey player – possibly in the head – during one of their games. Wow. Even a spiritual leader is human and makes mistakes?

Their ‘nakedness’ allowed me to accept my own.

I don’t have to pretend. No show required. …Just be me? Wow. I didn’t know that was allowed – especially as a ‘Christian’ – I thought I had to look the part.

‘Looking the part’ may just be walking around soul-naked.

My friend and the pastor did it, and I took that as permission to be myself – even though …I’m a Christian! (gasp)

My hope is that, by ‘exposing myself’ there is a perceived permission to be oneself.  That this ‘soul nakedness’ would reveal less of me and more of Christ, drawing others to Him.

Oooh – and then that it would perpetuate an army of ‘soul nudists’ that would reveal Christ, and attract a whole other crowd of ‘soul nudists’… (…Am I a revolutionary at heart or something?)

Okay, forget the pyramid scheme / nudist colony plan.

But if my ‘soul nakedness’ causes others to see Christ and be drawn to Him, it’s worth all the risk!

So whaddaya say? Wanna walk around naked?


The Unknowngnome said...

Lets, hand in hand.

Sharon Kirby said...

Yup, I'll join you.

I've always found it easier to "bare my soul" than to hide behind masks. Although, there are some things, some "dirty laundry," that's a little more difficult to show.

But you're right - if it causes others to see Christ, and to be drawn to Him - it's all SO worth it!!


Graceful said...

I like your approach -- that "soul nakedness" will bring you and others closer to God. Kudos to you for being brave!