The Mercy of Trials

I don't recall being thankful for betrayal, rejection or physical pain while it was going on. Years later though - and sometimes it took decades - I could see the good that came from it. Friendships that didn't work, even 2 years of cracked, bleeding fingers - He used it to draw me to Him. Amazing.

Now I can see those trials as blessings - useful even in new sufferings.

Now, as I walk through a different set of trials, I have this history of His mercy to look back on. It didn't look or feel like mercy or kindness at the time - more like abandonment or punishment. Now I see - it was Love. 

Thank you Jesus, for using the trials of this life to draw me to you
 to 'remind this heart that this is not my  home'
Thank you Jesus, for healing that comes through tears.


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