Wednesday Morning Worship: A List of 'Thank You'

Thank you Lord, for…

-life giving words between friends

-giving meaning and purpose to my life

-the children you’ve given me to raise
            -their cheeks, eyes, mouths, voices, wiggly               feet, personality and purpose

-loving me enough to pay the penalty for my sin so I can come confidently into your presence

-your patience – to guide and teach me, and your patience that allows people time to repent and come to you.

-your faithfulness. I will fall many times, but you will still call me righteous and will still lift me up. Thank you Jesus!

-music, laughter and color. I love your artful ways! You make all things new and beautiful. I laugh, amazed by discovery of your wonders. You thrill me.

-healing my fingers and body

-continuing to shape and change my heart

- my husband, whose strength, patience and quiet heart remind me of you. My husband, whose loving actions have powerfully spoken your love into my life

-our piano, and the ability to play it

-joy. Your joy is true and deep and thorough, and often eludes me. When I find it though… wow. There are no words. I feel like I’m in heaven – right there in your presence, and might just explode out of my body. Oh Lord – joy in you and from you IS my strength. Thank you so much for the gift of joy!

-the Holy Spirit who guides, comforts and speaks. Guide my every step and word, Lord.

- prayer – thank  you for being accessible, approachable and here. I love being close to you, and knowing you can hear my thoughts. … and still love me.

-protection. You shield me from more than I’ll probably ever know. Thank you for angels that guard and keep me and my family. Thank you for your protection from the Enemy, and that even when bad circumstances happen, you turn it into good. I have nothing to fear because you are with me. Lord, please make that a reality in  my heart – that I am completely bold and fearless. No fear belongs in this heart. Thank you Lord, for your protection. I am safe in your arms. I can trust you.

-justice. You are fair and just, and will mete out justice in your perfect time. Forgive me for the blasphemy of complaining or judging things to be ‘no fair’. That is something only you can judge. Thank you that you are fair and will bring justice for all; the starving, the dying, the oppressed, the oppressors, the greedy, the deceitful… you will make all things new, and there will one day be no more crying or death or sorrow. Thank you Lord!

-Hope of heaven. Oh Lord, eternity with you is my hope! Your existence is my hope! Thank you for leaving us your Word, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for all your wonders that point to you. Fill me – our whole family – with your love Lord, so that it overflows into the lives of others and causes them to come to you too!