When I Don't Know How To Pray...

As I hunch to pick weeds from rained-hard soil, I remember the prayer requests scrawled on paper in the house. I toss roots and leaves onto grass.

“Lord... would you please…” I sigh, bent over weeds. The prayer unsaid, I’m already bored. God, I said all this already. I asked you already. Do I really need to ask again? At what point do I become a Pharisee babbling?

How does one ‘continue to pray’ for others?
How many times must a person bring their requests to God? Surely He’s not as forgetful as I am…?

When I don’t know what to pray for, or what more to say because I feel I’ve said it all, what’s left is to rely on the Holy Spirit.

Odd isn’t it? …That’s what’s left?

Reliance on the Holy Spirit ought to be first! -The only way one prays!
How else do we connect with God except through His Sprit??

And there it is – the smile in the silence, God’s tender hand guiding.

Lord, thank you so much for allowing me to become bored with my own prayers. Let me speak words You give me, let me ask things in Your will and through Your Spirit. Thank you Holy Spirit that you give me words to say, and that you intercede on my behalf when I don’t know what to pray.  … which is often. Thank you for helping me pray. You give life and meaning to words and prayer. Thank you for showing me this powerful difference. Help me to rely on You always, for every single prayer.


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Hi Grizzly :)

Thanks for stopping by! I popped by your place too, and tried to leave a comment but was unable... :(

Amy Sullivan said...

Hey, friend,
Yes, pretty certain God becomes quite bored with my prayers.

The Unknowngnome said...

Thank you Lord.

Thank you Kim for sharing.