The Dog Miracle

Have you ever experienced a miracle? 

Just incase... google describes a miracle as: "A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine." I know. I'm just as surprised as you. 

I do have a few miracle stories, like healing, or the time God pulled me over.

And I love sharing this one, especially with children. It's the story of my first: 'The Dog Miracle'. (If you're noticing this is a repost, I welcome your feedback on the new format.)

Our bikes rattle on the dusty road. We chat and giggle about school and boys. Jill had biked over after school to study. Now, time for her to go home, we ride together.

Then we hear it. Bearing teeth and growling, the neighbor’s terrier eyes us like tasty morsels. We stop at the side of the road. He barks as though he won’t stop. He’s poised to pounce, waiting for us to approach. 

... do dogs eat people?

“What now?!” Jill asks. My heart jumps into my throat. We need to get by. We could bike around the section I suppose, but it’s 3 extra miles of biking. It’ll be dark soon.
“I don’t know.” I sigh. “Let’s ask God.” The terrier continues to bark, slobber sprays the gravel.
Straddling our bikes, we bow our heads. “God,” I pray “You know we need to get by, and we can’t. Can you help us? Maybe … kill the dog or something? Or just make him go away? Please help us.”

The second I open my eyes, the dog becomes silent. He looks at us, turns and runs to the house. Motionless, he watches us without a sound.

Our mouths drop. Jill and I look at each other and grin. Wordless, we mount our bikes and slowly pedal past. We eye the dog. He watches us. He doesn’t even twitch.

“That was cool!” she whispers.
“Awesome!” I whisper back. 

I love watching kids' mouths gape open as they listen, riveted. I love imparting to them how awesome and powerful and present God really is.

It's vital to first recognize, then share what God has done in our lives. Remembrance beats back complacency, awakens faith, and stands as a firm witness to the glory and power of our great God. (Luke 8:38,39)

I encourage you to recognize, then share what God has done. Share it here, with your friends... wherever. 


V said...

How awesome is that!!!
i had such a laugh at the prayer "kill the dog or something" LOL thats something id say!!
i liked this a lot! And whats more awesome is that coz the girls believed God would make a plan, He did. One cant have faith if we dont believe unconditionally like children do! Amazing

Faith Imagined said...

How wonderful!!!! I love having these special God-moments with my kids!

Sab said...

awesome!!! I love stories like that! :)