The Day God Asked Me To Give It Away...

Allow me to share a cool God moment that still bears fruit (maybe it will forever!)

As I spent some time in the Word one morning (a few months ago), I suddenly stopped reading when the Holy Spirit told me I need to give my Bible to Amy*.

As though on cue, those familiar excuses popped up.“What?! I must be crazy. … or distracted. Why would I even think that? Am I judging her through what I’ve just read?” I read it again. Nope. I couldn’t see any connection at all between her and the text.  I knew it was the Holy Spirit nudge, and I’d better listen.

I suspect the list of excuses might have been longer had I not heard a friend’s tale a few short months before. She had felt a nudge to give her Bible to a friend. Her Bible had many underlined passages, notes and highlights in it. She was familiar with it. She marked it with her own hand. It was hers. She decided to give her friend a Bible, but … a brand new one. She told me that days later that familiar Bible vanished. She never found it again. And her friend’s brand new Bible remained on the shelf, collecting dust.

With that story fresh in my mind, I decided to obey. I removed my bookmarks, paged through to admire underlined passages one last time, and closed it. I phoned Amy but there was no answer. I tried a few times before deciding to go to her house anyway. (Even though it was very out of the way – I was making a special trip for this one thing. I didn’t even know if she was home. Logic would have waited.) But I went, wondering the whole time what I would say.  

As I stood in front of her door, I wondered what would happen. I knocked and waited.  … and waited. No one home. Go figure. I knocked again. I thought I heard some rustling around… “Oh great. I’m waking her up to give her a Bible. That’ll go over well.” No one answered. I pounded on the door again, starting to feel quite insane. I heard rumbling, then footsteps, and the door whipped open. There she stood in her bathrobe, hair standing on end, and bleary eyes half closed. She rubbed her face as she mumbled something about “What do you want?”   I think I said something very kind and compassionate like “You’re still sleeping? It’s lunch time!” I’m so nice. I apologized for waking her.

“I think God wanted me to give this to you.” I said, extending my hand. “It’s  my Bible – I love it. It’s the best Bible I’ve ever had. It’s great, see?”
I showed half-asleep Amy the notes, chapter intros, and all the helpful stuff I love.
“I understand it so much more because of that stuff” I said. “I think you’ll like it too.”
Her face fell – almost like she was overwhelmed.
“I wouldn’t know where to start. Where do you think I should start?”
“I know what you mean.” I said, “The beginning? The Gospels? I don’t know. Maybe John? I don’t know where you should start. But God knows. Should we ask him?”
She froze. “Let’s ask Him. He’s right here… ” I pressed.
It was beautiful. We prayed and cried together right there on her front porch. With hugs, we parted. God is awesome.

I’ve loved watching God use even that one little thing to produce fruit – in my life and hers.  Just in my life I got to enjoy blessings like …

·        following the Holy Spirit (super exciting and scary)
·        praying with my friend (powerful)
·        giving
·        reading scripture with  my friend over the phone
·        seeing her grow in relationship with Christ (Yaaaayyy!)
·        continuing to pray for her – her growth will mean more spiritual warfare in her life.

Plus, I get to share this story with others so God is glorified for His awesome work in my heart and Amy’s heart. He can do anything and use anyone. Praise the Lord! 

* name changed



MTJ said...

Hi Kim,

That's a great example of listening to the Holy Spirit. I believe that it's very easy to come up with conveniently logical reasons not to listen; I'm thinking of instances when I've done just that. I can also remember times when I've listened and experienced the joyful realization of obedience.

God doesn't always give me a preview of the outcome, even though I would prefer it; but to be given an opportunity to participate in His plan and purpose is a joy.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It is encouraging. I'll think of this the next time the Holy Spirit leads me away from my logic.

Blessings and peace.


From The Heart Online said...

Thanks MTJ. I love how you put that - "but to be given an opportunity to participate in His plan and purpose is a joy." So true! No joy compares with the joy of the Lord!

Steve Finnell said...

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Lloyd said...

I have really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blot and check it out. God's blessings. Lloyd

Faith Imagined said...

How inspiring! You brought me to tears once again! You are a woman after God's heart and a true friend!

From The Heart Online said...

Thank you, Steve and Lloyd -I will!

Alisa - Maybe it's because I've put you on a pedestal in my mind (sorry), but I'm always amazed when my words touch your heart. Thanks so much for your encouragement, and for sharing your heart also.

I can't wait to meet you one day - even if we have to wait until heaven :) Oh the stories we would tell!!

From The Heart Online said...

.. WILL tell. The stories we will tell :)

Sharon Kirby said...

Awesome, Kim!
What faithful obedience you showed to the Lord, and what lovingkindness to your neighbor. We just never know what God can accomplish if we LISTEN to His Voice, and obey His promptings. I have a neighbor who declared at our book club two months ago, "Well, I guess I'm the only atheist in this group." Since then, I have offered her a Bible (she declined, but appreciated my gesture) - and yet, we've had a few meaningful conversations about life - and I feel her reaching out to me as a friend. I pray that God will help me be wise in my words - and courageous when He says to act!

GOD BLESS both you and Amy! And thank you for this most inspiring post - it gives me hope!

From The Heart Online said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for your kind words. I pray as you reach out to your friend that her heart is receptive and prepared for the work God has already begun!