Four Day Reveal-athon - Day 3

A friend pointed me to an article at about how Jesus seeks outsiders – the lonely and rejected.. “(Jesus) doesn’t just turn away from the people no one plays with, he actually seeks them out. He doesn’t just accept them, he searches for them.” I didn’t know what it was at the time, but something about that was incredible and stuck with me….

Then, as I was enjoying amazing conversations with people at the craft sale (while peddling books), it came together after talking with a woman I’d never met before.

As we chatted in front of my table full of books, my book title caught her eye. “What darkness have you walked through?” she asked. I’m sure she expected some grand story- maybe of mental illness or years of abuse – maybe life on the streets. “Well,” I began, “I’ve never been in a Korean prison or walked the road of cancer. I have no scars to point to, to show you my pain. My darkness was rejection and a life full of fear. I was lonely to the point of death. .. lonliness may not seem like much, but it’s deep and hurts and it counts.” Wide eyed, she nodded. “I understand you more than you know. … more than you know.” She bought a book, asked me to sign it, and we parted with smiles and big hugs.

As she walked away, it hit me. That’s what this is about! It’s about ministering to the lonely, the hurting, the fearful, the rejected. It’s about coming alongside them in their pain. It’s about understanding and compassion. It’s about loving the socks off of them!!  Of course!! There’s huge power behind that! Of course God would use whatever he could to reach their precious hearts!

I can’t describe to you how joy filled my heart that day. I get to play a part. I get to love others with His love – that’s powerful. He’ll draw others to him. Oh! That’s what I want! I want to draw people to Him – come back! He loves you! -And one day we’ll all get to celebrate in heaven forever in His awesome mighty presence! Joy, joy, joy!

Thank you, Jesus, that you love us all. Thank you for filling my heart with love for others. I pray that you would continue to break my heart for others, and fill it with your love. Lord, may the words I speak and write bring life. May my actions be covered in your great love. Thank you Jesus for this affirmation and this purpose. Help me to serve you without stopping. Amen.


Siobhan said...

It's about using the pain you've been through to help SOMEONE else going through something similar.
It's about getting in touch with our inner empathy

From The Heart Online said...

So true. Even if one person is drawn back into the fold, it's all worth it. The Shepherd leaves his flock to find even one lost sheep. Even one. Wow. He goes to alot of trouble and expense for us, doesn't he?