Four Day Reveal-athon – Day 4

I floated into church this morning. My weekend, in many ways, affirmed where I believe the Holy Spirit is leading. Filled with joy at the prospect of having a part in what God has planned, the Sunday morning communion was especially powerful this morning –more affirmation.

We gripped cracker shards between our fingertips while the pastor spoke. ‘Communion is about sharing a common bond – about participating together. When we share an experience, we connect.’ The words seemed to echo in my ears – they further confirmed what God had revealed to me the day before.

…I don’t know about you, but my experience of communion has always been solemn. Communion, I thought, was a sad moment when we remember Jesus’ death. Or maybe even a time of last-minute confessions, quick before it’s time to eat the cracker. It’s never been a joyful experience for me.  …  until today.

Today’s communion was an explosion of joy – my heart soared at the thought of one day joining Jesus in heaven with all of his children. I wept with joy at the thought of being together at last at His supper table – all of us. Tears of gratitude flowed down my face for the gift of salvation. I cried silent thanks to God for using me to help build His kingdom. One day I’ll get to see Jesus’ face, and live with Him forever. What a promise!

All the events of the last few days seemed to come together in this morning’s communion – a big promise wrapped up with a celebratory ribbon. This week has been a fantastic gift of grace, patience, love, peace, joy, and loads of affirmation to boot. Wow. My God is a good, good God. Woo!

Thank you Lord, for the awesome ways you’ve spoken to my heart these last few days. Jesus, please don’t let me forget. Forgive me for doubting you. I give my life to you – please pour it out for your purposes. Help me to follow your plan with great faith and courage. Strengthen and purify me for the path ahead, I pray. Amen.

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