First Fruits

In case you're just popping by and don't know, all profits from sale of my first book have been committed to Gospel For Asia. Since the launch of 'Beauty in Darkness' in October, profits have reached $271. (sold 55 books)

Here's where those first fruits went: (and what your purchases helped to provide)

$60        2 Bio Sand water filters (for 2 families)
$40        1 Battery Powered Radio (to reach out with Gospel with radio programs)
$11        1 pair of chickens (food and income source)
$4          1 complete Bible
$3          8 New Testaments
$3          600 tracts
and $150 to the Orphans and Widows Fund

Thank you to all who purchased a book! Stay tuned for my announcement of the upcoming book tour... (the goal is to raise $10,000 - that's what the fundraising thermometer is about on the right there...)

And, in case you're wondering, 'What IS Gospel For Asia anyway?'  or why we should bother to send funds overseas instead of right here at home, check out this video. It says so much more than I ever could.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the book sales so far. I am looking forward to helping you reach your goal through the book tour.

Thank you for sharing this moving video of Gospel for Asia.


From The Heart Online said...

Thanks Char! I was just telling someone today how thankful I am that you're my planning partner, and what a perfect fit it is - God's excellent provision and design. Love the way He 'works all things' :)

I really appreciate your coming along side to help make it happen.

Ashley K said...

I'm really inspired by your heart and how God is using you! You have the perfect platform for sharing your testimony, and I know it's hard sometimes but you'll find victory in Christ who gives you strength (and peace!) Praying for you! :)

Amy Sullivan said...

So cool that you actually listed some of the things the money went to. You know I"m a big fan of your big heart. Can't wait to hear more on the book tour!