Treasure and Applause For This Day

Armed with a wooden stake, she marches over dirt and etches Xs everywhere. He follows close behind, wielding his mini garden claw. “HaHA!! ‘X’ marks the spot!!” he bellows, and scratches furiously. They hope to discover bones. 

Their random expedition is hopeful, yet without expectation. 

 They never once asked mom if a treasure hunt would fit within their life purpose; if it contained enough meaning or served a goal. 
They just did it. 

 … is that allowed? Can I just be too? 

 I watch, perched on bent Willow bough, and stillness opens my ears. 
 The wind rushes through leaf-less trees, imitating ocean waves. 
Last year’s leaves flap on flat grass; a ceaseless applause for this day. 

Can it be so simple? Is that allowed? 

 If everything is measured and weighed, I want to know what the scale says. I want to know how much to add or subtract. 
I want to know what to choose 
or be 
or do. 

So I become the Measurer instead of what is measured. 

Let me be measured 
 and shaped 
   and simply enjoyed 
by my Father. 

and let me do it perched on a Willow bough 
among treasures 
who hunt treasure 

Let there simply be applause for this day.

Shout to the LORD, all the earth; 

      break out in praise and sing for joy!  

Psalm 98:4

This is the day the LORD has made. 
      We will rejoice and be glad in it.  
Psalm 118:24



The Unknowngnome said...

Kim this is so poetic. You sing a very joyful song. Here are some Xs for you. And some Os.

xoxoxoxoxoxo :)

From The Heart Online said...

Aww... Thanks unknown :) Xs. haha...

Sab said...

I love this. I needed to read this today. Actually, I needed to reat this last week, haha. I have a hard time just 'being' as I feel I am worthless if I haven't done something 'worthwhile'. It's hard sometimes. This week I decided to go without my lists and just 'be'. Do things I need to do still, of course, but not dwell on what needs to be done. It hasn't been easy. God bless you!

From The Heart Online said...

Sabrina - I'm so glad you're learning to enter into His rest too :) I totally get it! I think we undervalue rest, at times even mistake it for laziness. But it's vital so spend time with our Father.
-And so worthwhile :))